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Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service Los Angeles, CA

What do you no when you need a Heating( Air Conditioner) and Plumbing Company Los Angeles ? Just imagine the following ! Wow its 105 degrees on a blazing hot day here in Los Angeles what do you do? No matter how hard you try to stay cool it just does not work. The local Hvac company in Los Angeles is so busy they won’t see you for another 3 weeks. On top of that yikes its 150 dollars just to come look at your unit. It is 5:00 am you wake up to a smell that reminds you of not so happy thoughts. Your toilets now are not flushing and this is not a fun time.

Why Experience Matters

You call that plumber who talks about smelling good and notice his prices are insanely high. Living in Los Angeles you have likely had one of these issues or know someone who has. Plumbing and Heating ( Air Conditioner) issues are common problems we encounter. When they do hit you need a professional who is reliable and knows what he is doing.

Plumbing Company Los Angeles

Not all Plumbing ( Hvac) companies in Los Angeles, CA are backed by a license and insurance. These are serious issues. Let us look at Sam’s story to drive a point home. Sam wakes up to his home in Beverly Hills 90210 and notices his lines are backed up and that his heating system is not warming the house like it used to. Sam gets ready and calls the local plumber near him  named *Plumber Air  Man 1234  and notices the guys prices are so cheap vs other plumbers and Hvac techs. After Sam does his homework he realizes that this agency Plumber Air Man 1234 is not an insured Los Angeles Plumbing Company nor is he insured of Hvac work in Los Angeles Ca.

Do Not Fall For Cheap Labor By Unskilled Workers

But the prices are just so good almost 30% less than the other companies doing this work. So to save money Sam says why not. This is where the plumbing and hvac problems begin for him. The work is done and all is well UNTIL the new unit stops producing heat. The system was damaged when it was installed and now Plumber Air Man 1234 is no where to be seen. Worse yet this issue can not even be taken up with the labor board or contractor state license board well because it was not a real plumbing hvac company to begin with. Worse yet the plumbing issues are back and now Sam has to pay for a licensed plumber to come do the work. Do not make the same mistakes Sam made and get  professional affordable licensed plumbing company Los Angeles.

What to Look For In A Company

When seeking a quality tech in the Los Angeles area Luna Park Plumbing And Air can have the answer for you. Very crucial you realize who you are hiring to work on your business or home in Los Angeles. Many considerations you must thin upon before letting a plumber or Air conditioner tech work for you. By doing your homework you will save lots of headache. Plumbing Company Los Angeles

Question 1. Is company Licensed ?

Ask the company for a license number. Getting the number can proves whether it is a bonded and insured company in Los Angeles.

Any job over $500.00 dollars quoted for plumbing in Los Angeles must be done by a licensed  agency. Same applies with HVAC work.

Is Your Plumbing Company Los Angeles Bonded?

Be positive your plumbing Hvac company is backed by a bond. A bond is created to protect against damage on your property. Any tech who wants to work for you they need a bond to protect you as the customer. If they do not have a bond you are the one who will pay for damage. You hire a  plumber to dig to replace a sewer. The plumber damages your property by accident. The damage caused is about$ 8,000.00 dollars. If agency is bonded you are protected if not well you are on the hook to pay for your damages. Can you really afford to be taking such a risk?

2. Insurance?

After learning about a companies proper bond you need to look up their insurance. If the You take liability when a tech is not insured and problems arise latter.

3. Warranty and Guarantee?

Many spend big money and this work should be backed by plumber.

4. Reviews And Service Calls?

Go online read customer reviews and complaints on Google, Yelp, Or BBB. What others say shows tons about  the companies work quality.In addition here at Luna Park we can come out for free many times and do a service call. We can even give over the phone estimates.

5.Request Work Done From Your Plumbing Company Los Angeles

Many contractors have websites that allow you to view past work. Ask for clients worked for in the past. See what past customers are saying. Ask for a list of people who have been serviced and see what they are saying.


Seeking this info into consideration will help you in the long haul.